Dermatologist Reviews

review We Never Feel Rushed

Dr. Matheis has been amazing to me and my family! She takes her time whenever she is seeing us and we never feel rushed ! She always has our best interest at heart;) Her staff is always kind and helpful ! We love Wake Forest Dermatology and are so glad they are in Heritage !

Shelley Neunsinger


review State of Art Facility

I have been going to Dr.Matheis for a few years now. Even though you have to be proactive on future appointments and wait for a while in her office when you have appointments. I feel that the positive ways out the negatives. She is a state of art facility and truly listens to me and any concern I may have. She personally calls you to follow up after procedures, etc. She is worth the wait.

Claudia Cokis


review Highly Recommend

Nice office. Dr. Mathias has wonderful bedside manner. Very gentle. Shows care and compassion.highly recommend.

Pam Cosgrove


review Dr Mathias is Wonderful

Have been in the office several times for care and always recognized and care for like family. Dr Mathias is wonderful and informative and helpful at distracting you with an exam that seems like it would be very uncomfortable. She included my better half in my care and was informative to both of us. I appreciate that she remembers you and takes an interest in your family and lifestyle. Easy to make an appointment, get questions answered, wait times are not long, and as far as billing I have had no problem to date. As with most doctors I expect a separate bill from pathology somewhere down the road.

Heidi Hughes


review Very Lovely Dermatology Practice

I found this to be a very very lovely dermatology practice. Dr. Mathias was kind, caring, and had some Humira injection pens to help me get back on track. I didn’t wait long, the receptionist was great, she handled even difficult patients with kindness, never losing her friendly demeanor. The Dr. was quick, courteous, and really listened. I was a long term patient at Blue Ridge Dermatology, this is far and away a better experience. 5 STARS!

Amber McCoy


review Fabulous Doctor

Dr. Mathias is a fabulous doctor!! The office is very busy so there is a reason you wait a while for your appt. it is important to book ahead of time and keep staff up to date on insurance changes to keep your copays minimal. I don’t know why there are so many low ratings… There is a reason why there are long waits, it’s one of the best dermatologists in the area! My advice is to schedule early in the morning. I’ve never had any issues if I come in the morning. Again, staff is great and Dr. Mathias is very thorough and concerned about any issues you may have.

Danielle Mileski


review Possible Skin Cancer

I was referred to Dr. Mathias by my family doctor for a possible skin cancer on my nose. After reading the reviews here, I was leary of going to WF Dermatology. Since this is who I was referred to, I called to make an appointment. I am so glad that I did. I don’t know what clinic you all went to, but I was able to get an appointment for the very next day. After I completed my paperwork, I was seen by Dr. Mathias within 5 minutes. She did a biopsy and once I received the results of the biopsy (which was positive for cancer), I was given an appointment for two days later to have surgery to remove the cancer. Dr. Mathias and her staff are extremely friendly and professional. They even called the day after the surgery just to see how I was doing. I would recommend Dr. Mathias to any of my family and friends.

Nancy Paschall


review Excellent Treatment

Dr. Matheis has been kind, attentive and and provided excellent treatment. She has had to remove several things from my skin and has been gentle and proactive. I trust her and appreciate her care.

Kelly Ruta


review Would Recommend

I’ve had a great experience at Wake Forest Dermatology. The staff and Dr. Matheis are very kind. What I liked a lot is how receptive they were to my personal feedback on how my treatment is going and answered any questions I had. Would recommend.

Tucker Thompson


review Outstanding Care

Outstanding care. Dr. Matheis & staff were all extremely kind, followed through with prescriptions and called to check on me after I had a biopsy. I was surprised to read so many negative reviews about this office, as all of my interactions with them have been great!

Jennifer Amyx


review Treated for Adult Acne

I have always had great experiences at Wake Forest Dermatology. I have received treatment for mole check/removal several times. Dr. Matheis’ Office always calls to check to see how I’m doing post procedure. I have also been treated for adult acne and my treatment worked great! Dr. Matheis is one of the few doctors who acts like she cares about her patients.

Stephanie D


review Absolutely Wonderful

I have been going to Dr. Matheis for many years now and she is absolutely wonderful. She has also treated my husband, my mother, and both of my children. She has probably removed at least twenty moles from body. She conducts skin cancer checks on me every six months and is always thorough and professional.

Dr. Matheis remembers everyone in my family’s name and life events that we have talked about in the past. Her office always calls me the day after surgery to check on me and when I have called the office with a question, I always get a call back in a timely manner.

In reading the negative posts it seems like they all revolve around money. Perhaps you should be attacking the insurance companies rather than the doctor who provided you with such amazing care. I can also honestly say that in seven years I have never had a negative experience with Dr. Matheis’s staff, nor have I ever witnessed any of them crying.

Tammy Early


review Pinpointed My Problem

The doctor was quite knowledgeable, pinpointed my problem and provided a solution quickly. It worked. The staff was also very attentive and responsive, plus quite pleasant.

Judy McCord


review Kind, Caring and Very Skilled

Dr. Matheis has been taking care of me, my family and my patients for years. She is kind, caring and very skilled. I have complete confidence in her and in her staff. People wishing to see her, however, should understand that the population in our area has increased significantly in the last 5-10 years and there are A limited number of dermatologists in our area. Therefore, those that are serving the community are under pressure to meet the need, provide quality care and not keep patients waiting. Unfortunately, dermatologists never quite know what they will find when they enter a room with a patient, or how long it will take to address their needs. It is difficult to allow for that in the schedule and there will be times that extended visits begin to stack up and wait times will be reflected in that. Dr. Matheis is a specialist that will not sacrifice your care in order to accelerate her schedule. I would advise those who wish to see her, to allow for some time in their schedule for this, understand that the person behind the desk and everyone else in her office is doing their absolute best to care for us … and be respectful.

Shawn Phelan


review Remove skin cancer

Could not have been treated any better

Barry Thorne